AirBNB expects every host to provide a handful of essential amenities, including soap, toilet paper, clean sheets, and towels. These are the basics that virtually every traveler is going to need at one point or another. Expanding this list with some of the most requested amenities is a fantastic way how to earn praise and high ratings from guests. This article will tell you what the most request items are as well as give you extra tips on how to make your guest’s stay even more memorable.

Universal Phone Charger

“Having a spare iPhone or USB charger is almost guaranteed to come in handy for some poor soul with a dying battery,” writes Guesty. The truth of the matter is that most travelers rely on their mobile devices to accomplish just about anything from calling a taxi to figuring out how to navigate a foreign city. Unfortunately, only a few smartphones on the market can last several days on a single charge, let alone the entire duration of one’s stay. What that means is that, at one point or another, every guest is going to need a phone charger.

A universal phone charger doesn’t cost much, yet it can be a true lifesaver. Keep in mind that a bad charger could cause damage to the sensitive electronic devices it’s charging, so stick to best-rated chargers from reputable manufacturers. Ideally, the charger should come with charging cables for both new and older Apple devices as well as Android smartphones. If you want to take things to the next level, consider also buying a universal laptop charger.


AirBNB hosts often forget to provide guests with useable surface where they could put down their things or do some work. As Kit Whelan puts it, “You’d be amazed at how often Nick & I have to rearrange a room simply to give ourselves enough space to put down our wallets, keys, and earrings. While your artsy decor may add ambiance, if it takes away the only useable surface it’s just annoying.”

A small writing desk with a comfortable chair and a well-placed electrical outlet for a laptop charger make the entire room much more usable. Your guests will surely appreciate the fact that they don’t have to haul their laptops to nearby coffee shops just to write a short email or a blog post.

Stable Wi-Fi Connection

VRFrontDesk, a provider of a virtual reception desk for AirBNB rental properties, considers Wi-Fi to be a must have, and so do we. You can bet that one of the first things your guests will want to do after they unpack their belongings is to hop online and tell their friends and family how their travel went. While mobile data roaming is steadily gaining on popularity, nothing beats a fast, stable Wi-Fi connection.

Just how fast the internet connection you provide to your guests should depend on the number of people who are going to use it. It’s always better to go with the faster option just to be on the safe side. Don’t forget to print out detailed instructions on how to connect and place it somewhere guests can’t miss it.

Reading Material

Travel is about seeing new things and discovering new cultures. Books and magazines are a great way how to introduce your guests to your country or city. As explained by AirBNB, “Guests love winding down with a good book or magazine. Provide a nice selection that shows off your taste and helps a guest explore and understand your region of the world.”

It’s best to include reading material in several different languages and cover as many genres as you can. Throw in some timeless classics as well. Your guests might not read them, but they will love the memories conjured up by them. Of course, if you’re going to give guests something to read, make sure to also equip the room with moderately bright reading lamps.

Final Words

Try to put yourself in the shoes of your guests. Ask yourself, “What would make my stay more enjoyable?” As an AirBNB host, you have the opportunity to amaze guests with well-selected amenities that far outdo the basics provided by most traditional hotels and apartments. Use it to your advantage to earn an excellent rating.